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I'm Here For You...

With all the change we see in the world now we can be faced daily with some complicating decisions.

Whether that be in our business and careers, with our health or in relationships,  it can seem overwhelming and hard to make progress.

I’m here for you. Giving you the guidance and vibrational support that you need to dissolve the survival mode any stress, fear, sadness, or anger you may be dealing with and move into less reactivity and more simplicity.

With a little bit of consistency, and support you will find balance and clarity to rise through this together.

Enrollment Call

1:1 Coaching Call With Laura
Yearly Customized Programs

This call is designed to free you from limitations that are holding you back so that you know how to be liberated from your current circumstance.
By the end of the call we will know if we are a good fit to work together long term.


1:1 Transformational Coaching Session
With Laura 

A liberating session designed to free you from repeating old patterns and choose new behaviors that move you from stagnant to freedom with an improved mindset.


1:1 Session With Laura

A powerful energetic session designed to support you at the root cause of an issue. Unwind past conditioning, outdated beliefs, and limitations that keep you stuck. You will learn how to follow through with what you say you want. You will feel lighter, empowered, and have clarity with your natural self.

When things have fallen apart it’s actually good because that means you are getting the opportunity for everything to finally come together.

Are you having the feeling that “enough is enough?” Do you deserve better?

Is it time for the life that you deeply desire to happen?


It doesn’t happen by waiting around for things to get better.

And that’s what you’ve been doing. That and trying to control everything.

You have to be in charge of choosing supportive thoughts and uplifted feelings so that you feel good about yourself.
If you really are serious about wanting things to change.

It doesn’t work to live out of your hurts from the past.
The past is done and over.
You have to get present to who you want to be now.
And act like it.

I have discovered that once you have had enough and are done waiting around for things to change, you are now in the place to take accountability for the energy you are putting out.

And I will show you exactly how to do it.

This is why I have developed the Deeply Desired Life “More Than Coaching” Program.

This is a complete energy overhaul to create new ways of feeling, new avenues of thinking, and new ways of being. If you want a new result, you must act like a new person. This is the work we will be doing together in the program.

Over the next 12 weeks, we will uncover:

→ What your overall energy is so that we can empower you to function at the energy that’s actually going to get you to where you want to be.

→ Learn how to speak up and open up and learn how to communicate while uncovering the blocks in your throat that hold you back from speaking up and saying how you really feel.

→ Stop placing the blame on everyone around you and learn how to stop projecting your thinking onto other people.

→ Develop healthier habits so that you have more energy and feel revitalized.

By the end, you will experience a greater love for yourself and believe in yourself so you can follow through with decisions and feel good to be seen without any fear holding you back.

About three years ago, I stopped working at the level of the brain with thought patterns and started working at the level of feeling and the results were permanent and life-changing! What I discovered is that we don’t need to analyze patterns. It creates more stress. What we need to do is empty out the old emotional content from past experiences that block us from receiving what we want to experience today. This invites more compassion, empathy, and acceptance.

The real needle movers to having the life you want.

I am passionate about doing this with others because of how quickly I was able to live in my desired life through feeling enough, being kind, being brave, and standing up for myself in a way I never have before.

And my clients who have done this with me feel the same. I get notes and emails from them updating me on how happy they are with the opportunities that are available now that they have moved out of their own way. It’s incredible and such an honor to witness their transformations.

The time to join is now. We don’t have to keep hiding. The world is ready for the healthy version of you to open up. You have things to offer that are not only going to impact other people, but you as a part of a collective group, that will light up the whole world. And we don’t want to miss out on that!

Deeply Desired Life is a 12- week program.

You will get 12, 1:1 60-minute sessions with me. One per week.

These are “More Than Coaching” sessions that will energetically align you to the highest and best version of you while the parts as in old thought patterns, outdated beliefs, and stagnant emotions get to unwind and dissolve. It’s extremely powerful what comes through in these sessions.

We will have one group activation opportunity throughout the month that will help us with how to remain in connection, vitality, and contribution.

A Q&A webinar on Zoom to clarify all questions you have.

We start April 3rd and end in June 2023.

Click here to sign up for a call with Laura to experience coaching and see if the Deeply Desired Life “More Than Coaching” Program is right for you. And if it is, the cost of this call will be discounted from the program amount.

We have easy monthly-payment plans available as well as pay upfront plans that are the least amount. As a thank you — to you, for your commitment.

Here’s what the clients had to say:

Brianna M.

5 Stars

Mar 3. 2023

If you’re ready for a complete up level in your life, Laurie is the spiritual guide for you!

Both my personal and professional life have skyrocketed thanks to Laurie’s incredible ability to accelerate healing and promote what is truly mine to claim in this lifetime

As Laurie says, “Doing the work is an Investment in you.” The ROI is invaluable!

I highly recommend Laurie!

Kelley P.

5 Stars

Feb 28, 2023

I highly value the sessions I’ve had with Laura. I’ve gone to her with anxiety, tightness in my chest, an inability to breath deeply, all due to stress and burn out. After a session with her I feel so much relief! I am lighter, more energetic, able to take long deep breaths again and I feel like I am able to address the things that cause me anxiety in a healthier way. Laura really helps me reset and holds space for me to process and heal.

Dee Z

5 Stars

Feb 27, 2023

Laura has done several chakra-clearing sessions with me and it has been amazing.
I would highly recommend and have been seeing her for this service for over 10 years.

Noreen M
5 Stars

April 27,2022

I felt on a high.

And feeling inspired, hopeful, and empowered.

Jeanine M.
5 Stars

April 1, 2022

I’ve learned to allow my soul to take the lead.

Kate C.
Berkshire Hathaway

5 Stars

March1, 2022

I learned that you can’t hate your way to being the best version of yourself.

It’s time to live your Deeply Desired Life. I can’t wait to do it together!

Are you ready?

All my love,


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