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I'm Here For You...

With all the change we see in the world now we can be faced daily with some complicating decisions.

Whether that be in our business and careers, with our health or in relationships,  it can seem overwhelming and hard to make progress.

I’m here for you. Giving you the guidance and vibrational support that you need to dissolve the survival mode any stress, fear, sadness, or anger you may be dealing with and move into less reactivity and more simplicity.

With a little bit of consistency, and support you will find balance and clarity to rise through this together.

Enrollment Call
1:1 Coaching Call With Laura
Yearly Customized Programs

This call is designed to free you from limitations that are holding you back so that you know how to be liberated from your current circumstance.
By the end of the call we will know if we are a good fit to work together long term.


1:1 Transformational Coaching session With Laura 

A liberating session designed to free you from repeating old patterns and choose new behaviors that move you from stagnant to freedom with an improved mindset.

Restore Session

1:1 Energetic Transformation Session With Laura

It is in the remembrance that we can never be truly disconnected from source but at times it can feel that way. During this expansive session the body relaxes and balances into harmony after the mental and emotional aspects of you are embraced. You will leave feeling refreshed and recharged. 


1:1 Session With Laura

A powerful energetic session designed to support you at the root cause of an issue. Unwind past conditioning, outdated beliefs, and limitations that keep you stuck. You will learn how to follow through with what you say you want. You will feel lighter, empowered, and have clarity with your natural self.

Distance Healing Sessions

Email Laura using the form below and request Distance Healing in the message for more details on how to schedule and pay. 

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