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With all the change we see in the world now we can be faced daily with some complicating decisions.

Whether that be in our business and careers, with our health or in relationships,  it can seem overwhelming and hard to make progress.

I’m here for you. Giving you the guidance and vibrational support that you need to dissolve the survival mode any stress, fear, sadness, or anger you may be dealing with and move into less reactivity and more simplicity.

With a little bit of consistency, and support you will find balance and clarity to rise through this together.

Enrollment Call

1:1 Coaching Call With Laura
Yearly Customized Programs

This call is designed to free you from limitations that are holding you back so that you know how to be liberated from your current circumstance.
By the end of the call we will know if we are a good fit to work together long term.


1:1 Transformational Coaching Session
With Laura 

A liberating session designed to free you from repeating old patterns and choose new behaviors that move you from stagnant to freedom with an improved mindset.


1:1 Session With Laura

A powerful energetic session designed to support you at the root cause of an issue. Unwind past conditioning, outdated beliefs, and limitations that keep you stuck. You will learn how to follow through with what you say you want. You will feel lighter, empowered, and have clarity with your natural self.

Do you believe that YOU, yes… little ol’ you, has an important message that the world needs to hear?

How do people know what you stand for? 

Picture this:

The alarm goes off

You CAN NOT wait to jump out of bed

You are grateful for another day 

You know WHO you came to planet Earth to be 

You know what to say 

You love sharing it 

People are drawn to you 

You are fulfilled 

You receive everything you need 

Choosing what to do is fun for you  

And when it’s time to go to bed…

You can’t believe all the miracles that unfolded in a days worth of time! 

People know what to come to you for. It’s your specialty.

They feel understood by you. 

They trust you.


Life is simple because you want to be around them and they love being around
you while still having plenty of free time. 

We’ve mastered resistance.

Now it’s time to master emergence.

→No more saying yes to things that aren’t a “Hell Yes!”

→No more trying to “fix” others 

→No more bending over backwards to make others happy

→No more Us vs. Them

→No more waiting on others to validate us so that we feel good enough. 

I know from experience that all that does is create more separation and disempowerment. 

What I want for you is the same thing you want.

*Not to be dependent on anyone.

*Not to be controlled by anyone. 

*To be free to be yourself as you are. 

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place! 

We think we need to help other people. Show them the way. And that they need our two cents. The reason why that doesn’t work is because it invalidates the way they are brought up to do things. When we stop focusing time and energy on them it frees us up to focus on what we want to do – for ourselves. 

Have you ever had the thought, “If only I could get them to be more like me, then we could all get along.” 

We can never Emerge if we make who we are wrong. 

We must learn to accept and embrace who we are to Emerge

You never get to see what YOU are capable of when all of your time is going towards paying attention to everyone else. 

That’s why there has never been a more important time on planet Earth than now to Emerge and be your true self. 

There is no more time for people not knowing what to come to you for. 

Do you provide a service?

Or would you?

Or do you stay silent when it’s time to speak up?

Or do you speak up when it’s NOT a good time to? Do you know the difference? 

I’m Laurie. My real name is Laura but I go by Laurie.

And I coach people to self actualize so they can reach their fullest potential. 

I do that by showing you how to accept yourself, believe in yourself, shake out all that’s not working so that you can discover what does. I do this through accountability calls and my specialty which are called activations. I love helping people this way! 

Emerge is a series of new mindset sessions accompanied with activation sessions that dissolve the outdated framework of focusing on others with no real power there

And to update you! 

What you think, believe, and feel on the inside

And to align you to the latest empowering energies that coincide with the way the universe works. 

The best part is that it works at the level of your cells and body so you get to relax through the program. No more memorization or thinking! 

Here are common areas of struggle:

≻ You are stuck and struggling with trying to change from willpower alone instead of having a direct experience of expansion to catapult you into a new way of being. 

≻ You are stuck and struggling in resistance to being who you came here to be because you think it’s not “good enough” according to the people around you. 

≻ You are stuck and struggling blaming and thinking life is unfair instead of owning and becoming accountable.

≻ You are stuck and struggling distracting yourself; drinking too much, spending time with toxic people, comparing yourself on social media instead of posting the opposite in an empowering way, telling other people what to do but not doing it yourself. 

≻ You are stuck and struggling trying to get people to:

 hear you 

see you 

believe you 

take you seriously 


understand you. 

≻ You are stuck and struggling to stand up for yourself and you are allowing others who have a weaker set of values to lead you. 

≻ You’re stuck and struggling with saying what you want to say and how to word it in conversations that demonstrate that you are empowered now. 

You think it will either get better tomorrow so you put it off OR you think it can’t get any better and never will. 

In order to have more 



congruency with your soul, 

live in alignment with your values


 believe in yourself…

You have to have trust.

Can you accept yourself and follow through with that? 

That’s what we will be working on together in Emerge. 

Just think how amazing it will be to have a tour guide for these types of things. Get curious about what it will look like when you have someone there to navigate stress with and show you the way to balance?! 

Once you do, being free to be your infinite self opens up infinite possibilities and opens up infinite receiving for you! Which means you can receive all the blessings. The ones that come right away and even holding open the space necessary for the ones that are coming in the future so that they have a place to land in you. 

Can you imagine you being willing and ready to receive all that life has to offer?

Here is what is possible:

You can relate to yourself and your life without it being a problem. 

You can hang out with people and they don’t drain your energy anymore. 

You can have compassion for people when they need it which fills you up for more miracles. 

You can give from a “full cup” so you never have to see everyone else getting better around you while you feel worse. 

You can understand where others are coming from without needing to agree with them. 

You can love people from afar without needing to be doing something with them all of the time. 

You can let go of people who are toxic for your growth. 

You can open up to people who are good for you without pushing them away. 

You can deserve to have what you want. 

You can have a need and fulfill it. 

You can feel “enough.”

You can experience peace.

You can embody presence.

You are at peace with the way the world around is responding to you. 

Here is what the clients had to say:

“I feel re-birthed!” – J.T.

“I am feeling on a high!” – N.M.

“I learned to train my mind for positive creativity and to allow my soul to take the lead!” -J.M.

“I learned that I cannot hate my way to the best version of myself.” -K.C.

I would love to have you join Emerge if you have a knowing in your heart that says that you want to be there. 



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